Table of Contents



Chapter 1  Why Fight?


Chapter 2  Getting Your Balls Back


Chapter 3  Power Day


Chapter 4  By The Way Of The Goddess


Chapter 5  Beyond The Moon


Chapter 6  Cadets


Chapter 7 The Magic of Water


Chapter 8 Higher Consciousness


Chapter 9 How to Win a Revolution


Chapter 1 Why Fight?



Perkins and Lisa wake up earlier because they are excited about their new friends – horses.  Lisa had used her mind to bring them horses, which picked them.  When they awoke in their bedsheet wigwam their two new friends, a painted mare and black stallion were dutifully standing by their tent side, waiting to go a big adventure that she promised their noble spirits.

passion water revolution

The two newlyweds go to the campfire with horses in tow, they make coffee and it is still cold, about 45F.  They sit cuddled on a log, Lisa is sitting in front of him trying using him as a heater.  They haven’t said a word, yet, they are learning to live in silence and speak softly until the day grows and the sunshine warms and then they can be active and talk louder.

“Why do we fight,” Perkins wonders out loud.  “Why not just leave the States and go somewhere and be free.  I am having the best time of my life with you, why risk be a revolutionary and target of the Zionists?”

Lisa is listening carefully, because like any sane person that would be a valid question.  As his wife and future mother, she has to think that.  But where is the glory in being a sheeple?  Can you really live if you don’t secure your freedom, fight oppression, be active in promoting the general welfare of the people?  She is very intuitive, she knows that her husband Diesel Perkins is only having a moment of doubt, and she knows he will pull through after much consideration with greater resolve.

Lisa also knows her fate, because not only can she read minds, she has dreams of the future, and she knows that they are not going to back down and become farmers, or slaves, or sheep waiting to be butchered.  She knows that she wouldn’t even be with this man if any of that might happen, because she knows she is hitched with the prime leader of the revolution.

Lisa sits there, sipping coffee with her philosophizing cowboy, having great faith in the process, having certainty of knowingness that all it well and that Perkins must work through his doubt and get to a new place in his consciousness, a place of resolve where he can take action and get this damn revolution kick started.  She knows that right now, she needs to be a good listener, and a supporter, and give him all the love he needs to reach the inevitable conclusion that he will reach.

Perkins puts his warm cup near her face, she can feel the heat against her chilled skin, he kisses her on the top of her tangled mess of a hair caused by a passionate night of hot sex.  Perkins thinks and thinks and she can hear him thinking, and at a certain point in his thoughts, when he is debating whether to give up or go on, she injects the thought, I will follow you to hell or to heaven because all that matters is that I want to be with you.  She squeezes his hand so he knows that she sent that thought.

Perkins is unable to restrain his tears, they fall on to her head and she feels the drops work their way down to her scalp.  He is sincere in his quest and his wife has just given him permission to make the decision either way, so what is he going to decide?  He already knows, because his passion is what is driving him forward, and his doubt is coming from his mind.

“We have to fight, the passion drives us but the mind is weak,”  knowing that he is paraphrasing the Bible that he detests. “We have to fight because there is no other way to effect change at this point in history.”  Perkins thinks for another minute, “And I wouldn’t even be with you if we weren’t going to fight, right?”

She squeezes his hand again, to affirm the statement. “Yes honey, that is why I am here with you, you are, after all you are the numerouno male with the goddess,” she states nonchalantly.

Perkins continues his morning philosophy session, “So the real reason I am having this thought is because not all aspects of myself are aligned with revolutionary purpose.  What I have to do is self examine why I am not 100% committed to fighting. And the reason for that is that I have other goals like raising children and getting a ranch and doing all those things that people do when they get married and have kids.”

“But I am living the life I want right now, I am with my wife and horse, I am fighting or at least in the planning stages, I am the leader of resistance, and loving ever second of it, and if I were to change course and do those domestic things then I would be miserable and not the leader, just another cowhand low on the totem pole.  So, I can only follow my passion and hope to live a good long life.”

She turns around and sits in his lap, wrapping her legs around him, pressing her warm pussy up against his lower belly, connecting with him at a very basic level.  She kisses him passionately all over his unshaved face, he can feel her heat, her hot spot and it starts to make him hard even though he is trying to concentrate on his fate.  He manages to ask her a question.  “Why do I have these doubts Lisa?”

She doesn’t want to say much, even though she would love to give him a pep talk, so she forces herself to let him come to the conclusions he must come to or the human specie is doomed.  She is completely wrapped around him with her head on his shoulder, as if she was an infant, she is giving him a very powerful symbolic message with her body, that she is his and she will follow him as his loyal loving wife no matter what he decides.

“The police are rounding up people and putting them in FEMA camps, the Zionists still have control over much of the former United States, and even after nuclear war they still antagonize the American people, torturing and abusing them like Palestinians.  Why don’t those fuck wads leave us alone?  Why do these evil parasites even exist?” Perkins asks, now starting to build resolve.

Lisa doesn’t answer, so Perkins answers his own rhetorical question.  “Because Jews are Jews and have always been Jews, manipulators that suck the blood of the people they infest, and even now after wrecking our once great nation, they continue to drain and destroy us because that is what they do and what they know, it is simply a long-held pattern of subjugation and dominance.  So we have no choice but to route them out, hunt them down, round ’em up, put them in the camps, deport them, jail them, or maybe just get rid of them.

Perkins goes on with a list of abuses, stating out loud with his voice, to the Universe, the charges he is bringing against the Jewish controllers and minions of America, “Jews trained the cops to kill us, Jews stole the value of our money, Jew used the courts to strip us of our wealth in divorce and business proceedings, they poisoned the food with their corporate control, they forced us to vaccinate our children which caused decreased life span and autism-”

Lisa interrupts him, “Don’t forget all the children they abducted and mind control and turned into sex slaves,” she gets up and finds her pack and pulls out a throwing knife and starts to whittle, his speech is reminding her of what she knows and what she doesn’t like – and what she is planning on doing to those that abused her.

“Everything the Jews touched they manipulated for their benefit and destabilized our society until America went down in flames, and after they had fed off of us, drained us of our lifeforce they tried to start all out nuclear war between America and Russia, in an obvious attempt to destroy two great nations and leave Israel the hidden victor.”

Lisa looks at him again, “Don’t forget the hundreds of children abducted for ritual blood of Jewish Matzo bread.”

“What the hell is Matzo bread?”  Perkins asks.

“It’s unleavened bread, a traditional Passover bread of these bloodsuckers who killed young children and drained their blood and mixed it in their bread and other foodstuffs, and wine.

“That’s really fucked up Lisa!”

“Yep,” and she stabs the stiletto knife in the log just missing her own knee, she’s really getting pissed about these mother fucking Jews.

“Well there are sure a whole lot of people that need killin’, ain’t there.”  She nods her head and throws the knife expertly at a knot in a log about twenty feet away, she almost makes a bullseye and is off only by an inch where she aimed.  Perkins eyebrow automatically raises, he can see she has some professional training in weapons, that was a damn good throw.

“Yeah Perkins, there is a whole lotta people we are going to kill,” she states with iron resolve.

Perkins studies her, for the first time he can see that she has an agenda, “You were tortured, weren’t you?”

She gets up and walks away so he can’t see her tears.  Perkins feels bad, because now he has made his wife feel bad, but he lets her be with her emotions by herself for a moment.  Lisa recomposes herself and wipes her tears and blows her nose into the forest floor.  “Fuck!”   “God Damn this planet to hell!” she yells at the trees away from Perkins.

She walks back with dignity, sitting next to her man, her lover, her husband, her savior, her everything.  She must get over her own emotions and harden her resolve, she must support him and quit thinking so much about her past, she must help him accomplish his goals, because as his soul mate, his goals and her goals are one in the same thing just like their marriage entity.  She speaks calmly and softy, “Continue.”

Perkins puts his arm around her then starts rubbing her back.  “Me and you are going to fuck those mother fuckers.”

Lisa looks over at him, involuntary tears start welling up in her eyes.  “Fuck those fucking fucks!  You fuck them real good Perkins, you hear me!”

Perkins can feel her resolve, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I am going to give them a real good fucking.”  Perkins then throws his knife at the target, and it sticks in the target knot in the log, next to hers.  The passion of his speech has stirred his wantingness for her, he looks at her, she’s also pissed.  He picks her up in his strong arms and carries her back to the tent for a real good fucking.


Chapter 2 Getting Your Balls Back



Perkins is having his moment of anguish at the camp in the Colorado Rockies, they are nearing the start of the revolution and he is having doubts about taking on such a great task.  He is with his newlywed wife Lisa, they have only been married five days, and they are in a survival situation.  They are talking about the fucked up situation in the former United States, and they are having a very emotional morning, Perkins has just learned that Lisa was tortured by some unknown black ops earlier in her life.

hot penelope cruz

Lisa was just crying, Perkins was going over a list of Jewish crimes against the American people, and she brought up blood libel, the Jewish practice of sacrificing Gentile children, draining their blood, and making traditional Passover bread.  She remember suppressed memories of her earlier life, when was sent away to reform school for having hot sex in the hall then as a stripper where she met unsavory characters and lost her memory.

She has no time to waste crying about some past shit, she must support Perkins, the leader of the New American Revolution, the man that is going to drive the Jew snakes from the land.   Lisa needs to prompt him, her emotional display has broke his concentration.

“You are having your moment, you are having your moment in the Garden of Gethsemane just like Jesus.”  Lisa prompts his mind to keep going and complete his realizations that he must complete to fully embrace being the leader.

“Yes, that is what is happening isn’t it?  I am going to have to sacrifice my life for the greater whole, and not only save my own soul but as many others that want to join in and get their balls back.  But I am not destined to hang on a cross, my destination is to break the cross and free humanity from bondage of Jewish myth.”

Perkins now deconstructs the Garden of Gethsemane myth.  “You know Lisa, Jesus was never a real person, he is a fictional character in a sun god myth, where the writer creates a new sun god, a Jewish sun god born of a virgin, as a savior for the target audience, Jews.  But the Jews never bought Jesus, Gentiles did, and the story of Jesus is complete fiction.”

“Lisa, Jesus never was in the Garden before the crucifixion, was he?

“Nope, he wasn’t,”

“He didn’t die for our sins because no one can die for your sins?

“Got that right, that negates your own decisions and actions”

“In fact the whole story is not about some guy dying for your sins but the Jewish writer gaining dominion over your mind with a god story.”


“The Crucifixion of Christ is really cross fiction, the ultimate form of deceit used to negate real human passion by claiming that Jesus died for your sins.”

“That is exactly correct Perkins, we have real passion for one another, and that story is meant to negate our passion, destroy what we really are, passionate beings in love with each other.”

“But our passion trumps their passion play, that’s why we know.  Real passion reveals the truth because passion is more fundamental than the mind fucking of fictional mythological writing.  The Garden of Gethsemane passion is the negation of real passion and the enslavement of the human being at that level, it is a memetic hook on your emotional being.”

“So that story is not just factually untrue, it never happened,  it is also really very bad myth because no one ever gets judged in the afterlife.  There never was a judging god or hell or any of that fear porn.  It was all an illusion built in our minds with a so-called holy book, a Jewish book used to get in the heads of Gentiles and own not only their minds, but gain control of real human passion.”

“Now you’re talkin’.”

“And the betrayal of Jesus by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane is code, it is really about the Jewish writer betraying the human mind with this god forsaken story.  The New Testament story is about getting salvation from the judgmental Jewish God – who doesn’t even exist.  No one needs to be saved from the wrath of the father by belief in the son because none of it is real, no one needs the salvation of a savior because your soul was never at risk.

“This story of the passion of Jesus is very similar to the Garden of Eden story, where man it cursed by god and thrown out of the Garden for eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Both stories have betrayal, in both stories, shit goes down in the garden, in both stories the ending is bad. There is a reason for this.

“Jewish written god stories are evil because something bad always happens, someone gets sacrificed or killed to appease the blood lust of the Jew god – which then is translated to this realm, where bad things always happen under Jewish rule.  They are purposefully writing those stories with bad ending intentionally because they are using myth for a purpose.

“In any real life situation with Jews involved, the worst always happens because the Jewish myth is written that way so that we accept badness all the time.”  Perkins concludes.

Lisa – “That is brilliant! What you just described is what is really going on with the Gentiles – they are being conditioned to appease the blood lust of the Jew with their own sacrifice.  There is no Jesus on the cross, but there are Gentiles being sacrificed by the Jewish controllers.”

“Oh yeah,”  Perkins exclaims, then he laughs, “That story has to be the biggest mind fuck of all time!  By accepting this Jesus story we negate our humanity, our passion, and accept the evil world of the Jew as our reality.  The story of Jesus dying for us is really the story in which we lose ourselves and become slaves of the Jew.”

“The most malicious part of the whole New Testament passion play is that god would kill his only son to fix some problem that he himself created with his own judgment!  What kind of sick father kills his only son just to stop his own judgment?

“If god was omniscient he would have known that humans would disobey his commands.  Thus creating humans anyways with that knowledge is extremely malevolent, he knew before he created us that he would be sending us all to hell automatically for being born.  This is, of course, ludicrous theology, but it is how the judging Jew thinks, not a real loving god.

“Then consider how god goes about killing Jesus, not with a bolt of lightning or by some quick painless method, but slowly, on a bloody cross.  So for atonement of sin, god not only killed, he tortured a living conscious being in order to correct his own shortcoming.  That is really fucking sick theology that only an evil mind could come up with.

“Why couldn’t the all powerful god just change his mind and just forgive humanity or even better stop judging altogether?

“Any person in a high vibration, in a high state of love, moves away from fear and judgment and refuses to be in that consciousness, choosing instead love and compassion.

“So if some humans have transcended judgment then certainly god must have!  Anyone in a high state of love no longer buys Christianity because it is silly myth, how could god be judgmental, if I’m not judgmental and I am only mortal!

“So then it becomes obvious to any person in high resonance that there never was a god of judgment like the Jewish writer asserted and it also becomes obvious that the Jewish writer is casting his own judgmental character onto deity!  The judging Jew god is the Jew, so for all intensive purposes Gentiles are worshipping the Jews when they worship the Jewish deity!”

“Christ never died for your sins, no one ever needed to die for some others’ sin, this can not be true, because there never was afterlife judgment or a judging god and thus you can reach the next conclusion, there was never any sin or amount of sins that could keep you from god.

“Without the judging god the entire book is a fail, because the Bible has one main unwritten premise, that the judging god exists. Without that premise being true, why do you need salvation or Jesus?  Why would you even have to know about God at all?  You wouldn’t, and nothing in the Bible would matter a bit and if you wanted inspiration you could just go read some poetry.

“Without judgment you don’t need Jesus and this fact lends to the theory that he never even existed, Jesus is a fictional character in a very bad Jewish written story.  So Jesus never had a moment of passion in the garden as his death approached, nor did he cry tears of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I suspect that the bloody tears in the Garden of Semen has a different meaning.”

Lisa – “So when you dropped that A-Bomb you did everyone a big favor, you vaporized the Garden of Bad Myth Semen.  Did I say semen again?  Oops, I guess I just blew the lid on what the Jew is doing with that myth – getting a hard on for your semen with a bullshit story of a garden of semen – the myth is way to collect the vital energy of humanity by teaching priests this stuff at seminaries.

Perkins – “So now that we understand all this, we can take our balls back, end the spell, step out of psychic castration and be free to love again, without Bible fear porn of a jealous angry god who needs something from us like animal sacrifices, foreskins, allegiances, tithings, prayers, and our precious semen.

“You need nothing to get to god, god already has everything and when you die you automatically go back to godhead regardless of what you did on earth. The only salvation you need is from myth and the judgment of the Jew and his court.  Thus the inevitable conclusion is that Christians need salvation from Jesus!

“And maybe when America gets its balls back they can go hunting Jew and his priests who teach this evil shit, burn every Bible, eradicate every church and temple, kill every Rabbi and end this evil shit plaguing humanity.

“Think how well it worked, this mind fuck spell, for the last two thousand years billions of the world’s people have been completely duped, and it worked so well that Jews took control of the world finances completely unopposed by the Gentiles who vast outnumbered them.”

Lisa now starts concluding his realizations, “I love you Perkins, my soul is married to your soul for all eternity on what you did on 29th of March, just two weeks ago, because you ‘accidentally’ dropped a B61 Thermonuclear device on the Garden of Gethsemane and vaporized it, destroying that historical place for all time.”

“You mean it was no accident?”  Perkins looks at her surprised.


“You mean the mistake that Command Staff made with the bomb computer input data was you?”


“That’s fucking awesome!  How’d you do that?”

“Meditation.  I was also meditating in the hotel room while you were on the bomb run to make sure things went smoothly.

Perkins – “You are a weapon system of sorts, a conscious living being who is making sure certain things happen this revolution, you Lisa are a weapon of mass destruction.

“So what happens when we come out of the spell and stop being pussified Christians under the spell of the Jew?

“You get your balls back.”  Lisa pulls off her panties and dances around the campfire with them dangling off her ring finger.  She keeps taunting him ’till he gets off the log and starts going after her, but she keeps 180 degrees off his position, she is not going to let her bull catch her.

Perkins feigns two attempts then jumps over the fire and grabs her up again, he throws the little bitch over his powerful shoulder and takes her back to the tent, for another real good fucking, fucking the second time that day and Lisa loves every second of it.



Chapter 3 Power



Perkins and Lisa get up from their second round of sex this morning, it is only 9 AM, they decide to go for an early dip down at the creek.  She jumps on his back and he carries her on his strong muscular frame. The water feels  warmer than yesterday because the morning chill is still with the mountains, they stand about ankle deep in a calm eddy formed by the creek boulders and wash off the nights grime with cupped hands.  After they feel shiny and clean they sun and do it the third time on their favorite rock ledge.

goddess fantasy myth

Perkins is having a power day, he feels invincible. Lisa has been helping him make huge realizations about the upcoming Second American Revolution, he is slowly but surely aligning his entire being with the Universe and principle of love and light, losing all of his fear and becoming a spiritual warrior.  Today he is an early forming pattern of endless sex with his young bride.

Lisa says she works for the Goddess, but Perkins doubts there’s any Goddess, he doesn’t believe in gods, he has been educated in chemistry and physics, such concepts are outmoded left over memes from bygone eras, before man figured out a rational way to explore and discover the Universe and how it functions by natural law, not whims of the gods.

Lisa can read his thoughts, the two are married and their souls for one thing, a binding love energy, and because of this Perkins is completely visible. He had been very upset when she read his thoughts the day before, he was rough with her and pinned her down till she relented and falsely admitted she could turn it off.  She can’t, not with him at least.

Perkins suspects that she is still psychic spying on him, so she has to be careful about what she says so he doesn’t catch on to her ability. But when he sits there and denies the goddess she laughs, because she knows differently, the Goddess has appeared to her in visions, so good old scientific Perkins thinks he knows, but she laughs to herself, he don’t know shit.

Perkins says, “ Why you laughing at me?” when they reach the roaring creek, gorged from the spring runoff.

Lisa tries to look serious, but he knows she is making fun of him in her mind.

Perkins then says “So you think the Goddess is real?” Perkins looks at her very deviously.

She then realizes he’s reading her thoughts – she has an oh shit moment.  Just when she realizes that he can read her mind, Perkins grabs her up in his arms and jumps into the creek with her screaming.  He timed his move perfectly, caught her offguard in that tiny instant.

They both get fully immersed in the jump, she yells “You fucker!” as they float downstream. “Fuck it’s cold!” She maneuvers behind him and crawls up on his shoulder forcing his head under as they race downhill with the flow.  She feels like a raccoon doing in a hound dog.

Perkin pops up and yells, hang on to me! and swims to shore with his powerful arms and torso. This Lisa enjoys immensely, the man is powerhouse of muscle and energy, she hangs on like a baby otter, floating behind him pressed against his back as he swims to shore, he pulls himself up from the draping willow branches, a few tear out of the wet soil but they manage to get out of the river.

Perkins is still laughing like what just happened was nothing, it was nothing for him because he was used to it, she doesn’t know that he is training her to enjoy doing this, because if they ever have to make a run for it, the best way to leave no trace or scent is to float out of sight just like this, but you need to know your limits of what you can take because if you go completely numb you won’t be able to get out or run.

Normally, Perkins would take off in a jog after this, and get warmed up in a hurry. But he grabs her hand and they work back up the bank to their favorite ledge, their love-making spot. She knows what that means, and it excites her.  It takes over ten minutes to get back where they jumped in, and they were only in for about twenty seconds.

After they make love, for the fourth time she realizes that its only 10 AM and Perkins is going for a new record. She is going to help him by being really hot, stimulating his brain so that he makes a new record for the both of them. This going to be the greatest sex day of her life, she must keep quiet and she’ll have bragging rights forever.

They lay there absorbing the sunlight. They hear a big animal walking on the bank rubble, at first concerned it might be a bear, but Perkins soon discerns the ears of a large ungulate, a female moose is feeding on the river bank willows and is unconcerned about them or their nakedness or their fucking, animals don’t care if you fuck, but humans do.

Perkins picks up on this, “Lisa, why do humans get mad if you fuck?”

“Because they are jealous.”


“Of course silly, everyone loves to fuck, it is the most fucking fun thing you can do, it is joy and passion and god energy, why wouldn’t you want to fuck as much as you can?” She is cleverly giving him the green light to fuck some more. Her cowgirl personality is gone, now she must be constant joyous sex kitten mode, because they are going for the world record today.

“Yeah, but the animals are not jealous.” Perkins observes the cow moose minding her business, he lays back down now unconcerned about any threat.

“Of course not,” Lisa replies, “They are animals, they fuck when Nature tells them to fuck, but with us we tell ourselves to fuck when we want to fuck, which is of course all of the time.”

“But we can’t and don’t fuck all of the time, we must go to work or school, do homework, work in the garden or ride horses. We can’t fuck all of the time.”  Lisa has lots of energy and is prancing around the rock ledge while Perkins rests.

“Well that is true, but you think of fucking all of the time, right?”

“Hmmmm, yep!”

“Especially you, right?”  Lisa leans over him and points to his penis brain.


“Ok, so what makes you jealous of some other people fucking, you are thinking of fucking all of the time so the only reason you get jealous of others doing it is because you aren’t!”

“I see your point, we humans also are the only animals that can get jealous of fucking because we have this big brain that thinks of fucking like every twelve seconds.”

“Yeah, that is one of the reasons we can’t meditate very well and connect with source, we are always having sex thoughts. Our brains are wired to think about sex all of the time. So religions came along and got us thinking about something other than sex.  God.  With god the priest was able to collect all this constant sexual thought energy and use it for building state.  Some people pray to god all day long instead of thinking about sex all day long.”

She stands over him, like a Goddess, “You could pray to me, I could be your god.”

Perkins sits up and looking directly at her wet snatch and licks it a little, “Hows that for worship?  All this talk about fucking is making me horny again for your pussy,”  he holds her hips steady and his tongue dives in deeper.

She lets him lick her some more, then she pushes him back and goes down on him.  They fuck again, the fifth time that day.

When they are done Perkins is completely exhausted from all the mental and sexual activity, he drifts immediately into sleep in the noonday sun.  His tremendous sexual exertion has wiped out his energy stores and his body crashes.   Just as he goes under she tells him she’s going to go make some lunch and be back in less than an hour, but he barely registers her intentions.

Perkins immediately starts dreaming of another world.  He dreams of a huge bull elk, it approaches him with the biggest rack he has every seen, and he was an experienced elk hunter who had gotten some big 6×6 bulls in his life – so he knows what a bull looks like.  But this bull had a different set of horns, not earthly at all, it had many tines like a non-typical rack, the bull approaches him fearlessly. Perkins is frozen, unable to move, as the bull approaches it sniffs him up close, he hears the breathing and then it is just absorbed into his body.

non typical bull

Then as the dream continues he meets a gorgeous cowgirl, who is all about hot sex, she comes up to him and disrobes showing him her gorgeous curvy body, he is instantly in love with her, she is more loving than Lisa, she is more beautiful than Lisa, she is hotter than Lisa.


As she gets closer he carefully studies her body, she is without imperfection, she is flawless in every way, her skin is perfectly tanned, there is no sag to her breasts, her nipples are perfectly round, her pussy is expertly shaved with no stubble, her toenails are cut and painted perfectly.  She is perfect hotness, she is the perfect woman, she is the perfect fuck, a better fuck than Lisa.

She moves in closer and looks into his eyes, they meet, the energy of her body is intense, he has an instant erection, he feels his penis getting bigger and stronger, he feels animal like, he feels like that rutting bull, she kisses him passionately and then is also absorbed into his body just like that huge bull elk.

He wakes up sweating in the hot sun, he has a hard on, he remembers everything vividly – the dream was more real than real life.  The dream has shaken him, it takes a few seconds to get his bearing, he then realizes he is still at the creek and looks over at Lisa but she isn’t there, he has momentary panic and then remembers she had told him she was going to make lunch.

He stands up and sees her approaching, he feigns happiness, he just had a dream of loving another woman who was more loving, hotter, and more beautiful than Lisa his wife who is the most beautiful woman!  Earth seems dull compared to where he just was.  Perkins feels guilty, but he brushes off the guilt because it was only a dream.

Lisa runs toward him,almost in a panic, waving and yells, “I’m coming honey!”  Perkins is relieved, being without Lisa is like being naked, then he realizes he is naked!  Being out here in the middle of nowhere has changed his attitude about being nude, if there’s no one to see then what’s the big deal, there is no deal because you are the only one that can see your own nakedness and then Perkins realizes that you only notice nakedness if someone else is around that you don’t know or trust.

Lisa approaches all ‘fake’ happy with lunch, he wonders what she made.  She has oatmeal and coffee.  “Sorry I couldn’t make you a sandwich.” Lisa sighs putting her hands on her hips, acting nonchalant like nothings wrong.

“That’s perfect, just what I wanted,” he cleverly lies trying to hide his thoughts and feeling from his new bride, just moments earlier he had been in love with another woman more beautiful than her.

Perkins was all of a sudden starving, he shovels down the oatmeal and she waits for him to get done and gives him the coffee.  He stands by the deafening creek, “Did you know that we could both be naked and we wouldn’t even notice?”

Lisa quickly disrobes to match his comment, holds him close and asks, “What did you dream about naked man?”

“Pussy and elk.”  He says quickly, not going into details, embracing her squarely, towering over her head so she can’t read his lying face.  He looks down over her shoulders at her round ass and squeezes it, he is getting horny real fast and doesn’t even want to kiss her, he has an erection again and just wants to mount her.  Perkins doesn’t even care if she knows, he feels like an invincible stud – he takes her again the sixth time.  When they get done they bathe then lay in the sun.

Lisa holds her tongue from saying what she really wants to blurt out, she is married to this man and can feel the infidelity, but there are no other woman around.  She knows exactly when he’s got a cheatin’ heart because she can feel it via her energy body.  Her female intuition is going off in her brain, she is outraged, something tampered with her man.

She wants to congratulate him for his new record, he just broke their previous daily record of fucking five times in one day, but she decides to keep silent until midnight and then do the tally for the day.  But she can’t keep quiet about his dream, she knows about the goddess because she has seen her more than once in her own dreams and she doesn’t like that she visited him.

Eventually she blurts out, “So how was she, did she fuck you?”  Lisa says jealously.

“I told you to stay out of my head, can’t a man have some privacy!”  Perkins states emphatically trying to change the subject and make her feel guilty even though he feels guilty.

“Well do you believe in the Goddess now, stud?”  another jab.

“Hey, it was only a dream, I couldn’t stop her.”  Perkins tries to fake that he didn’t wanted to fuck the goddess brains out.

“Yeah, I’m sure you tried real hard.” Lisa laughs, “It’s ok anyways, she can’t fuck you like I can!

Lisa continues with her attack, “Did you know she is a bitch?  Well she is really a bitch and don’t let her fool you with her beauty, I am more beautiful so she has to fake it because she is jealous of me, especially now that I have you.”

Perkins starts laughing, “This is insane you know, you and the Goddess are in some sort of cosmic cat fight, I’d like to see you two fight!”

“I don’t care if you fuck my sisters, she can’t get pregnant like me, so love her more than me if you want, but I will always be your wife if you ever want me again.

“Ohhh Jeez, stop with this bullshit, she was only a dream, I don’t know how she made me fall in love with her instantly, but it seemed real and I did feel guilty that I loved her more than you when I awoke, doesn’t that count for something?”

“You asshole, now you admit you not only fell in love, but you’re more in love with her than your wife, that little bitch!”

Perkins sits up and looks at her, she is really upset about his dream!  “This is insane you know!  The gods are insane!  It was only a dream and you shouldn’t be lookin’ in my head, anyways.  I told you not to do that!”

Lisa replies, “Yes the gods are insane, lets not allow them to drive us crazy, alright?”  She has experience when the god realm interfaces with human reality, the results can be devastating.

Perkins lays down and puts his hands over his face, is any of this real, can this situation get any more surreal?  He stands up and looks at her, “Lisa I need to take a break, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  Perkins then dives into the cold rushing stream and stays under and disappears.


Chapter 4 By The Way Of The Goddess



Lisa is standing on the stream bank, she is weeping like she never has before, her husband has just disappeared into the ice cold stream, gone in an instant.  The Goddess took her man, now she is alone in the wilderness with nothing.  She breaks down and weeps and weeps, she has lost her true love, he said he’d be back in a minute, and without warning he dived in and never resurfaced.


She ran down the bank, through the willows, screaming his name.  How could this have happened?  He never came back up, she never found his body, not a sign of him.  Perkins had disappeared in a blink of an eye, she was making love, talking to him, having fun prancing around, feeding him lunch and a split second later he disappeared as he jumped past her into the river.

She goes back to the rock ledge and weeps uncontrollably, she has lost her husband, her lover, her everything.  She had cursed the Goddess for appearing in his dream and now she must be punishing her.  Perkins is gone forever, her life is ruined, she has no meaning as a wife, her husband just disappeared without a trace.

Lisa is in the worst place she has ever been in her entire life, she wants to lay down and die, she is completely devastated, drained, humiliated, broken, in depths of despair, her face is completely wrecked, her eyes red from the tears that made a puddle on the rock.  She is completely alone with herself, in the wilderness, without hope.

After about a half hour she sits up with her head between her legs, unable to move.  She is out of tears and feels dread, the worst form of dread, at this moment she wishes she was never born, she wishes she could die right now and get out of this terrible situation and off of this god forsaken planet.  How could any of this be real, she has been making love to her man all morning and now he just disappears in an instant!

“My Lady, why are you crying!” A stern yet soft voice asks.

She can’t even move, she is frozen in a death state that has overcome her.  She figures she must be dead – how could things get any worse?

“MY LADY!” The voice is louder, booming into her consciousness. Lisa has to consciously command her head to look up at the voice, she is now paralyzed with fear, surely the judgment of the Goddess is on her for what she did.  All she can think is kill me.

She sees Jeffries outlined by the sun, with a female cadet in fatigues on his arm, she can’t understand what she is looking at, she is confused, how can they be here?

The female cadet immediately jumps into action, seeing that this is an emergency situation she pushes Jeffries back and shielding Lisa from his view, “I’ll bring her back in a few minutes … Go!” she grabs the cloth robe on the ground and covers Lisa’s nakedness and puts her arm around her, giving her energy.

Jeffries runs back to camp to alert Perkins that they found her.

Lisa and the cadet return to camp, the cadet takes Lisa to their tent, now upgraded by the other female cadet who is with the Gunner.  The two females cadets now assist Lisa in cleaning up and changing into ‘royal’ garments, they tend to her and fawn preparing her to meet Perkins again – when she is ready.

It takes over an hour for her to recover emotionally and stabilize, Lisa is unable to talk, she is shattered and drained, she is barely able to understand what is going on, the cadets had been looking for her and Perkins, they had sent out scouting parties, they ran into the Gunner and Jeffries who were on horses returning to the ranch house a day’s hike from the Academy.

She is now introduced to the new king, her husband Perkins, and the two cadets stand by their lovers and receive her and Perkins as their leaders, they are now completely committed to them, they will dutifully follow and carry out the orders of the king.  Right before their eyes a new court is being formed, one that will be based on love, not judgment.

The cadets bow and excuse themselves and the two males follow, Perkins and Lisa are now by the fire, by themselves. Lisa doesn’t talk, she can’t talk, she is still like a broken piece of fine art that has been shattered and reassembled. The glue isn’t dry, she is wearing a new spirit being, she has just been upgraded to royalty – but nothing told her what was going on, it just happened.

Perkins has been through a parallel transformation, he is now knighted by the Goddess herself, he needs to explain himself so he tells her what happened. Just before he jumped in the creek he had an overwhelming desire to do so, he was going crazy and couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted to get clear, undo the crazy situation, so he dived in headfirst and swam under water for as far as he could.

When he surfaced he floated in the current, out of sight for about a minute until he was sucked over a small falls and cut and bruised.  He couldn’t make it back up the creek side, the brush was to thick, so he climbed up out of the gorge, it took longer than he thought, when he came out he was below the meadow so he jogged to camp to treat his wounds, he thought she was ok the entire time, he never heard her calling him.

He met the Gunner and crew – he immediately sent Jeffries and the a female cadet to find her, it had been only forty-five minutes since they had parted.  He couldn’t come down, he had to attend to affairs of state, a whole lot had been going down while they were busy goofing off – fucking like rabbits in some ridiculous fuck contest.

The cadets were looking for them they were looking for their new king and queen, they’ve been chosen by them as that role. Lisa immediately gets it, she has always known who she was – the queen, it was just unbelievable how she just went from Lisa the sex bunny to Lisa the queen – she was emotionally destroyed by the process.

Lisa knows what is going on, America is collapsing and the system is now being reorganized by Nature, and the way Nature organizes humans naturally is in a hierarchical system where the king and queen are chosen based on their vibration, her and Perkins are obviously the highest vibration so they were chosen, it was logical.

But what about her experience she just had, Perkins had disappeared and she panicked, she freaked out, she lost sight of who she was, she had been in ego consciousness and did not see the larger process unfolding.  Perkins was being anointed by the spirit of Nature, the Goddess was not trying to steal her man, she was giving him power, the keys to the throne.

Her emotional breakdown was the shedding of another layer of her former self, a cleansing process necessary for her transition into a new vibrational class.  She was acting like a child, trying to set a new world fucking record, and the Universe was flowing, unconcerned about their fucking sport, it was organizing a new system of state, a natural system where those in the highest love vibration ruled.

They were in a flow, a strong current of background conscious energy that organizes the Universe.  Nature did this whether she was ready or not, Lisa wasn’t ready and got run over, now she felt like roadkill, and it was all do to her own immaturity.  She was better now because she understood what had really happened, not the fear she projected, but the path of the goddess.  She needed to trust the flow, not combat it, she needed to be more mature and start acting like a queen.

Perkins and Lisa are exhausted, they retire to their upgraded wigwam, the female cadets did a good job, but they did not have Lisa’s touch that comes with her higher vibration.  She rearranges a few things while Perkins lays awake, resting.  Doing familiar tasks help stabilize her, she can feel she is slowly getting her old self back.

She disrobes and lays next to him in the missionary position, she doesn’t feel hot anymore, she doesn’t want to tossed around in rough sex, she just wants her man to hold her, he eventually does and she is glad that he doesn’t mount her.  Perkins is getting better at reading her, he has discovered that he can feel her thoughts, so they cuddle, uninterested in sex after the day that they had.

They lay there quietly and the cold night air forces them into a cuddled position, Lisa now feels safe after a day where terror had gripped her soul.  She loves being in her man’s arms, nested in his presence.  Neither can sleep, after a half hour she rolls around facing him and they start to talk about the day’s events, like a debriefing.  Perkins knows that she needs to talk to normalize her emotions and become whole again.

She has tears in her eyes, tears of joy for having him back, tears of joy for who he is, and who she is becoming.  She is a complete emotional wreck and has another data point that when the Goddess shows up, watch out!

Bull Elk Velvet 2

As they heal each other, the horses are just outside their wigwam, waiting for them to start their journey.  As they talk softly they hear the horses nickering, Perkins knows someone or something is coming, then they hear the soft hoof prints, a huge animal approaches under the bright moon light.

Perkins holds his finger to her lips so as to make no sound, the animal approaches very quietly, Perkins can hear it breathing, then it appears from behind the trees, it is a huge bull elk in velvet, it comes very close to the tent, pauses momentarily and looks at them directly then continues on.  The sound of its breath was exactly like the dream, but it was not the same elk.

They had a magical moment together, it heals and bonds them as one.

Perkins has never seen an elk behave like this, wild elk don’t approach you this close, there must be something more than just a coincidence. Plus the elk he just witnessed behaved very similar to the dream image, it was a close approximation of the dream imagery.  At that point he then realizes that the woman in the dream was Lisa!  The goddess of the dream was an idealized version of what he was holding in his arms that very moment.

He is now becoming a believer in the Goddess, he tells Lisa that the Goddess must be near because he knows she wants him to.  She is overjoyed, how things change in a day, she is now very happy and her tears have dried, for now her man believes, so she isn’t crazy after all.

king and queen nature



Chapter 5 Beyond The Moon



Perkins sleeps in late and Lisa wakes him up with a special meal of scrambled eggs and toast that she carefully prepared, with a big mug of hot black cowboy coffee.  Lisa loves Perkins more than ever, when he jumped in the river after his vision and disappeared, she had freaked out, she had been shattered by the loss of him.  Now she was determined to keep him, because now she realized that she was nothing without him and last night they had a moment of magic, Perkins said he was starting to believe in the Goddess.


Lisa believed in the Goddess and thought of herself as a representative of the Goddess, she was anxious to talk more to Perkins about this topic.  Lisa had explained to him in detail last night what was really going on.  Nature was reorganizing the system, humans were evolving into a new form of state, where the leaders were picked by the gods, not by man.

The Goddess had selected him and her, based on their vibrations.  It was the new way, and it was they way it was and no thought about it mattered.  What could they do about it?  They were on the path and their path was unfolding in a very rapid fashion, she was not ready for transformation and was put into an emotional turmoil as the result of her lack of preparedness and immaturity.

Lisa was also very happy about how mature they acted last night, after her situation they didn’t just go back to fucking like they usually did, they were more mature and cuddled, when she thought of this she went up to Perkins and gave him a big hug an smooch, right on his mouth while he was eating.

Perkins was famished and was eating as much and as fast as he could, Lisa was very happy this morning and that was good, especially compared to yesterday and all the shit that went down.  “Hey,” he looks at her catching her attention, “This is really good, where’d you get the eggs?”

“They brought them in last night,”  Lisa replies, smiling at him, now they can talk.  Today they celebrate, Jeffries and his female cadet lover have returned with supplies, last night they did the Paul Revere ride to the Academy and told everyone they found Perkins.

Now they have a hundred of pound of fresh food, saddles, and more helpers.  Things have completely changed, the Academy cadets are organizing around the new couple as king and queen.  Lisa has no problem believing she is the queen, she always viewed herself as a princess that deserved the best of everything.

Perkins plays along because it is the flow and helps in the practical matter of being a revolutionary leader.  Who cares what they believe so long as they carry out their duties? Perkins is practical about ruling, he has no desire to lord over others, he is not like the psychopaths that controlled the United States up to the end, he is a new breed of rulers, ones that rule based on the higher vibration of love, ones that do it out of selfless service because their higher vibration calls them to duty.

Perkins also doubts that any hierarchical system could ever remain stable, he has read tons on anarchism and hopes that someday humans can exist without state.  But right now that is not reality, right now he has to take on the remains of the former police state that is still capturing, torturing and killing American citizens at a FEMA camp just up the road from his position.  He has to act and act now, he needs an army, and he is the chosen leader of this army, he is going to go with the flow and get ‘er done.

During the night, Jeffries and his cadet lover had raced back the USAF academy with the news, help would be on the way, a new army of volunteers was forming, to  rescue the prisoners still trapped in Gulag Amerika.  Word was spreading fast, things would be happening at the speed of light, he needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Perkins had no doubt what had to be done, the camps must be liberated and he was going to need lots of help.  Any American who worked for Zion and the Jews had signed their own death warrants, they would be terminated without mercy,  Nature did not want their DNA in the gene pool.  But he had a new problem, a week ago he would of capped himself all the guards without blinking an eye, but now he has been through transformation, his heart has opened, he no longer wants to kill anything.  He knew he would have to resolve this inner conflict soon.

He was also completely baffled by yesterdays events.  Lisa projected her spirit into him, that is why the Goddess of his dream was similar to her, it was just an idealized version of her.  The Goddess in his dream even had a cowboy hat on, that was a dead giveaway it was Lisa.  He hadn’t cheated on her, he had a deeper love for than just her physical ego body that he was familiar with.  Her jealousy of the Goddess was her being jealous of her own spirit being!

Of course the Goddess had merged with him, he was sleeping with her, their auric energy fields overlapped, their marriage was a real energy body of oneness, so it would not be surprising he would dream of her spirit merging with his.  Then Perkins has a flash insight, in the dream he was spirit also!  Perkins has an ‘aha’ moment, he made the mistake of assuming that his body in the dream was him, no, it was his spirit being.

All of a sudden it made sense, he dreamed of her merging with him, her spirit merged with his spirit, just as he could feel happening in real life.  The dream was playing out exactly what was going on, the merger of the two energy bodies into one.  The dream was laden with information for his conscious mind, he was bonding to her on a deep emotional level and the dream was simply information flowing from the unconscious to the conscious.

Her emotional breakdown was also perfectly related to what was really going on, they were married but not completely emotionally connected, their two egos still fought, they were in competition.  When Lisa freaked out with his disappearance, she was shattered, but what part was shattered?  Not her physical body but her ego mind, that is why she could talk or even think afterwards, there was a merger of spirit bodies.

What this obviously meant is that when you get married, you aren’t just married in some outward ritual, there are a series of emotional wrenching events as two are made into one, a process in which ego is broken down and two people merge on some very fundamental level.  So what happened was good, he was now in a more secure relationship with her, a more trusting relationship because now they were becoming one.

The elk that approached them last night under the moon must of been the origin of the spirit being in the dream also, it only made sense, that is why the elk in the dream and the elk in the moonlight were so similar, breathe and all, because they were the same thing.  Furthermore, he had been fucking Lisa all morning, a new record of six times so it only made sense that intense energy attracted his spiritual dream of a bull elk, an archetype of fertility.

Furthermore there must be something to the dream as a transfer of packet of energy, his libido was increased and he desired her again even though they already had sex many times that day, this was real evidence that the dream wasn’t just imagery.

elk spirit

So scientific Perkins had a more rational explanation for yesterday’s metaphysical events, he was interacting with the spirit world, but the origin of the spirits was earthbound, real beings in his immediate proximity.  He intuited that primitive peoples would also have these natural interactions and be captivated by them, wearing the robe of the elk symbolic of the elk spirit entering his body.  He was very interested in experiencing these archaic rituals.

Perkins also knew to tread lightly on Lisa’s belief system, she believed in the Goddess, but she lacked his understanding so it only made sense she would believe her interactions with the Goddess archetype as real.  The goddess was real to her, and Perkins also knew that myth could be our reality, just look at all the religions.  He would to philosophize with her on this topic, but now he didn’t have time, the war of liberation from Zionist control was starting.

So Perkins is thinking all these things and she wants to talk, that is good but he needs to also get his people organized, so he decides to do both.  “Lisa, how about you take a walk with me so that we can talk more about yesterdays events.”

“Sounds good chief.”

“How about we get some more coffee?” They walk hand and hand back to the camp fire, which is now a bustle with fresh cadets pouring in.  Perkin wants to discuss yesterdays events nut first he must attend to the situation, the cadets are organizing around his energy and they are starting to arrive in camp in greater numbers.

Perkins must get a new camp in a better location.  He has another female cadet get maps and the Gunner, they study a new camp spot up north about a day’s ride, the Gunner and his new mate are going to scout out a command center and alternative camp then report back.

Lisa is helping holding the map down from the breeze, after Perkins gives a few more orders to the cadet helpers they have a private moment, “You know Lisa, that woman in the dream – the Goddess –  was you.”

Lisa looks at him surprise, “Really?  Are you saying that to make me less jealous?”

“No, I am dead serious, that woman in my dream was your spirit being and I will tell you how I know.”

“Ok, I am all ears.”

“Just before I dreamed of her, I dreamed of a huge bull elk, very similar to the one we saw under the moon light last night.  In the dream it approached just as the real elk did, and in the dream I heard it breathing just as we heard the bull last night.  There were differences though, the bull in the dream had many more horns, probably representing my horniness for you, but it represented that very bull we saw, I am sure of it.”

“Likewise the spirit goddess was very similar to you, but it was flawless, I studied her up close and could not find any imperfections that all real humans have, she was an idealized version of you, like your astral body or something.  I could not stop my love for her no more than I can stop my love for you, but I loved her more than you because she was the real you!”

“What do you mean the real me?”

“Exactly that, that woman I saw was your spirit that inhabits your body, she came up to me and kissed me just the same as you kiss me, first I thought she was mimicking you, but then I realized it was you that is why she kissed the same, and she had a cowboy hat on, and you’ve been talking like a cowgirl.  Her cowgirl outfit is a dead giveaway that the girl was you.”

“What else was she wearing?”  Lisa inquires.

“I don’t remember much of that, she immediately started disrobing for me just as you do, anyways, how could I not love what I already love, but I loved her more than you that I’m looking at, because she was the real you, then she merged with me just like the elk.  I think that has to be you-”

“Sounds like your spirit body is just like you, can’t ever remember what I’m wearing here or in spirit land.”  They both laugh.  “Are you saying that the Goddess isn’t real?”

“No!  The Goddess is you, don’t you see?”

Lisa looks at him puzzled, “Then who am I seeing?”

“I don’t know, but think about what is going on here, we are merging our spirits because we are married and that’s what happens to married couples, they become one.  I now trust you more than I did before that vision.”

Lisa – “So you don’t believe in the Goddess, do you?”

“I believe in you, Lisa, I believe in you.”

goddess directed war